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How will I book & pay?
You can easily book through our website and pay online by Debit or Credit Cards. Simply click the " Book Online " button on the trips page and fill in the upcoming form. After having chosen your trips you will be directed to the secure payment system of Yapi Kredi Bank (an enterprise of UniCredit Bank) to make your payment.
Keep your mind at peace. Since the whole payment procedure is carried out by the bank only, nobody; including us, is allowed to see your card details or have any access to them.

Peace of Mind for your Travel?
If you are like us, you planned your trip to a tee! You researched and found the best trips, the highest rated boat trips and adventures to make your holiday amazing. How is your plan protected? On our trips you are protected by full insurance included in our prices. Yes, all of our activities and trips are fully insured and you do not have to pay any extras.

Why are the same tours priced differently by tour companies?
With tour companies, it is not always true that you get what you pay for. Before you book any of your tours whether on internet or in resort make sure you ask if there are added fees to pay when arrive. It always helps to have a print out of what is included and excluded in your tour. Many companies require you to pay additional money when the tour starts or don’t include entrance fees. That cheap tour won’t be so cheap if you have to pay for everything while you’re there!
On the contrary our tour company is very transparent with what is included or excluded in our tour prices.

Will I get picked up and dropped back for my trips?
Yet, as stated at below link, there are some issues regarding the pick-up & drop-back services for these outer areas.
Most of our tours include free pick-up & drop-back service from accommodation *
Antalya Trips Service Coverage Areas *
Antalya Trips Service Coverage Hotels *

Where and how do I get picked up?
The usual pick-up point is the main entrance of your accommodation. If the pick-up point is other than the main entrance, the details will be notified by an e-mail.
Our guides/drivers will have your name/room number on their lists when they come to fetch you.
We know all the hotels and apartments in the region. So, don't despair, we will be there.

Do you offer trips for Cruise Ships?
Sure we do. Guests arriving by cruise ships will get picked up directly from Marmaris Cruise Port where the cruise ships dock and get dropped back at the same port after their trips.
We are well aware of the time-sensitiveness of cruise-liners therefore we make sure our guests are back at their ship at requested time.
Remember to visit our Shore trips section, if our regular tours do not fit in your schedule.

When / How will I get my ticket?
You will get your ticket right away. As soon as your payment is done, a confirmation mail containing your e-ticket(s) will be automatically sent to your e-mail address.
Simply print out the attachment(s) to use as your hardcopy ticket on the day of your trips.
Please remember to check your spam & junk boxes, in case you do not see the confirmation mail in your inbox.

What if I cannot print my ticket?
Not a worry. If you are not able to print out your ticket(s), just send a text (SMS, WhatsApp or Viber) message to +90 553 259 2481 or an e-mail to  to let us know that you will be joining your trips without a ticket.
Having your ticket saved on your mobile may prove helpful too.

How to claim your free trips?
By email. Please do not book your free trips online. Please email your preferred dates for the free trips as well as the number of adults and children after you have booked and paid for your other trips with us online. Please quote your ticket number in your email.

Can I change the date of my trips?
Yes you can. In case you change your mind about the date of your booked trips, please feel free to get in touch with us for the correction of the date. There will be no extra charge for moving your trips.

Can I buy open-date ticket ?
Sure you can. If you are not sure of the date for your trips, simply tick the "Open Date" box while filling in the booking form. You can let us know the actual date when you make your mind about it. 2-day notice prior to the trips date will do fine.

Should I let you know my room number after my arrival?
Yes please, that'd be very helpful. Having your room number is very essential for a smooth and problem-free pick-up service. It enables us to reach you through your hotel reception if you are not at the meeting point at the required time or to inform you if any issues appear regarding your booked trips.
Do not worry; we will never bother you unnecessarily. The same niceties apply to email addresses and mobile numbers too. No marketing, whatsoever.

When / How should I notify you my room number?
After your arrival in your accommodation, simply send us an e-mail or text message including your room number and ticket number(s).
If you have multiple bookings through us, please make sure that you mention all your ticket numbers so that you will not need to do same procedure for each ticket again.

Will there be someone from your company to assist us?
Apart from the tour guides on all tours, our Antalya resort representatives will also be at your service everyday between 06.30am - 23.00 hrs. local time.
We strongly recommend you to save our contact number +90 553 259 2481 in your WhatsApp or Viber for instant assistance. Having been in tour business since 80's we are in the know of most things that happen in  Antalya. We will be more than happy to offer help/advice for issues relating your trips or for any other matter you may seek help. The inquiries made between 06.30am and 23.00 hrs. local time will be answered immediately.

Do I need to confirm my booking after my arrival in Antalya?
Not needed at all. The instant ticket you receive right after finishing your booking already confirms that your name is securely added in the passenger list for the trips you have chosen. Therefore, no further confirmation is needed. Notifying your room number will suffice.

Looking forward to welcoming you in beautiful Antalya soon


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